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Ed told fans at the Amazon Front Row event that he has been recording with Taylor Swift again, but that he isn’t sure what will happen to the song – and he’s been setting her up with his mates!

He revealed, “I’ve recorded some more songs with Taylor Swift, but it’s just a case of finding out where to put them as I don’t really put collaborations on my albums. She did her last record, 1989, really quickly, in about a month, I think, so there was no time to put any on there.”

“I have tried to set Taylor up with a few of my friends. I have a lot of good looking friends.”

"  - (via tayswiftdotcom)


i want a friend with benefits (dental and medical insurance, 401k retirement plan, etc.)


the holy ground background vocals are not actual words!!! someone asked taylor and she said they’re just vocalizations to represent happiness!!!!! please understand this!!!!!!!!!

She’s five-foot three, green eyes, fair skinned,

                                          and her hair’s actually strawberry blonde.


*throws diet coke bottle at the night sky*

i wish to meet taylor swift and become her best friend


A Summary: Kesha Rose Sebert


erica reyes appreciation week » day one.

favorite moments & quotations.


Best scene ever


For half of my childhood I was locked in a freezer, so being helpful is kind of a new thing for me.